Friday, June 24, 2005

The fifth and last episode from Spain

The fifth episode of IFtv, the last direct from the south of Spain, brings the viewer on an adventure to the narrow streets of Tangier. The port of Africa offers many mystical meetings. The city is cooking of myths, untold stories passing from generation to generation. IFtv visits the classical Hotel Continental where celebrities have been drinking the scent of the African continent. The group is offered a lesson in the tradition of handmade carpets, and alternative management where bargaining stands next to responsibility for the family.

The territory of women is in many ways different and can at first sight seem repressive but Moroccan culture also gives women spaces of their own.
Before the team left for Tangiers the midsummer night was celebrated all over Europe. In Spain the ritual is very specific, with fires along the beaches. Young and old share one of our last pagan rituals. Some watching the fires others performing the rituals often connected to fertility.

With this episode it is time for IFtv to say goodbye to Spain, but IFtv will hopefully return with new report from new unexpected locations in September.

Download the video here: IFTV050624.mp4 (76 Megabite)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The fourth episode of IFtv reports on tourism, flowers, castles and politics

An insight into the culture of tourism, how can it be that we all the time get lost when we are out travelling. The castle Jimena de la Frontera is situated a short distance from Gibraltar. In its striking location it has played an important role in the region since the 8th century.

Flowers are adored not only for their fragrance but also for the visual pleasure they produce. IFtv honours the colours and shapes of the vegetable kingdom. Finally we focus on the current political situation where Spain unexpectedly made a bold move regarding the influx of immigrants from non-european countries.

Download the video here: IFTV050623.mp4 (60 Megabite)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The third episode of IFtv brings the audience closer to Spanish culture.

Our chef and cooking expert Mette Ingvartsen takes a thorough look into a Spanish kitchen and offer us to share a real paella. This paella is not just any paella but cooked in accordance with the secret recipe of the southern frontier. As you will see paella also has a strong connection to Moroccan culture.

During the visit to the tiny city of Tarifa our team found a book café where they could exchange their favorite books. As the café was closing for the season the exchange developed into a race against the clock. What don’t we do for literature?
A visit to the market continues IFtv’s focus on public space, the market being a site for precarious workers and illegal aliens to establish informal exchange. Individuals without an address often have difficulties to obtain a mobile telephone, IFtv therefore reflects on the importance of public phones.

Download the video here: IFTV050622.mp4 (63 Megabite)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The seconds episode of IFtv, direct from Tarifa in the south of Spain, brings forth a series of new interesting topics.

The beach, the square and the playground are all examined through unexpected perspectives, where different kinds of inter-human communication are underlined. Communication becomes a more direct theme for two reportages: a political contemplation on the abundance of antennas, and the daily contribution from IFtv’s correspondents in Second Life.

Body boarding an important part of today’s beach life, are put on a strange wave surfing in the direction of the far east.

Our ice-cream aficionado Palle Torsson brings his critical eye closer to the local ice-cream production. In Tarifa he found a stand where the traditions of home made ice-cream was proudly maintained.

IFtv is from today broadcasted on local television in Andalusia at 11 pm.

Download the video here: IFTV050621.mp4 (63 Megabite)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

International Festival takes a grip on the southern most part of Europe.

International Festival takes a grip on the southern most part of Europe. Together with the team we visit the old and the new, work and leisure, urban as well as the rural.

The harbor has for centuries been central to the city of Tarifa. International Festival brings details to our knowledge of the last frontier of Europe. In Tarifa, the port to Africa, we also meet a strong religious tradition. International Festival brings back the church as a place of meeting and being together, something the church originally shared with our life in parks. The park is a strong part of daily life where different people participate to create connections.

In a few smaller reportage time, children and the cleaners of the city is given a window to show us their ways of spending a Sunday.

Finally, we are brought on a trip to the amazing Pablo Picasso terminal of the Malaga airport, world famous for its excellent artwork.

International Festival welcome you to a series of programs focusing on life around the straights of Gibraltar.

Download the video here: IFTV050620.mp4 (93 Megabite)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

IFTV description

International Festival Television Network

IFtv is an independent group of artists that during the gathering of Borderline Academy, in Tarifa south of Spain, will produce, each day, 12 minutes of news-related reportage television. The group's interest is how news/reportage function as device of staging, and how its formats and templates act as performatives, as promises, of reliability and stability.

This project address how television authorizes certain models of communication, as well as modes of distribution which operates as a consolidating agency for the maintenance of political narratives. Through PTP and Torrent technology these modes of production can be understood from alternative perspectives an propose a multitude rather than an inclusive post-fordism.

IFtv is further interested in how television as media can make visible a frame that can propose an event, in itself as a heterogeneous political intensity, i.e. as a production of dislocated political power.

IFtv is a performance that implies to create neo-generic television, producing an alternative architecture that through such procedures become visible as a specific performatity.