Saturday, June 18, 2005

IFTV description

International Festival Television Network

IFtv is an independent group of artists that during the gathering of Borderline Academy, in Tarifa south of Spain, will produce, each day, 12 minutes of news-related reportage television. The group's interest is how news/reportage function as device of staging, and how its formats and templates act as performatives, as promises, of reliability and stability.

This project address how television authorizes certain models of communication, as well as modes of distribution which operates as a consolidating agency for the maintenance of political narratives. Through PTP and Torrent technology these modes of production can be understood from alternative perspectives an propose a multitude rather than an inclusive post-fordism.

IFtv is further interested in how television as media can make visible a frame that can propose an event, in itself as a heterogeneous political intensity, i.e. as a production of dislocated political power.

IFtv is a performance that implies to create neo-generic television, producing an alternative architecture that through such procedures become visible as a specific performatity.


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